A Few Distinct Differences


Renovations Redefined is a full-scale interior remodeling company, whose passion is best expressed in kitchens and in bathrooms. We are distinctly different in that we consider ourselves a remodeling agency. We remodel your home at cost. We do not mark-up materials or labor. In fact, we negotiate builder prices for you at every opportunity.

  • • We do not charge you a percentage on top of your direct costs.
  • • We charge by the hour for as much or as little designing, consulting, planning and project management as needed to accomplish your goals for the project.
  • • We do not require large down payments to begin your project.
  • • Payment for all design, consulting, planning, project management, subcontract labor and reimbursements are paid on a weekly basis, after services are rendered and completed.
  • • You may pay the suppliers and subcontractors directly, or should you decide to have us pay them on your behalf, we provide you with documentation that accounts for all expenditures.
  • • We often complete the project ahead of schedule and under the anticipated budget.


We explore your project thoroughly, making a comprehensive plan for dealing with potential problems that others refer to as “unforeseen”.  We document every detail, allowing financially for worst-case scenarios, so there are no surprises.

  • • We do not have change orders.  You will not need them with our unique approach.
  • • We use durable materials, and knowledgeable, highly experienced tradespeople to do your work.  You may use your favorite service providers, if you choose.
  • • Our management team has over 120 years of combined, hands on experience in this business.
  • • When you have as much experience as we do, and have completed as many projects as we have, you know what is lurking behind those walls, ceilings and floors.
  • • Our management tools are so precise, you can be confident that you know exactly what is going on with your project at all times and in great detail.
  • • We do not leave the project until it is complete.


We offer more than general remodeling services:

  • • We have a cabinet showroom in East Dallas.  Operating as The Cabinet Concierge, LLC, we bring the finest cabinets in America to North Texas.  We have sold and installed many cabinet lines over the past 28 years, which left us wanting the best for our clients.  In 2003, we found Custom Wood Products (CWP) in Saint Mary’s, Kansas.  In harmony with our mission, CWP fabricates true custom cabinets made of the finest materials available, with superior finishes, supported by the best service department in our experience.  They are surprisingly affordable, and in 11 years serving us, they have yet to miss a delivery date.
  • • In 2016, we will launch a Home Concierge Service for clients seeking preventive maintenance.


It is our mission to provide the finest remodel available, in a practical and peaceful manner, and to demonstrate the highest level of respect for your home, family and finances.